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October 2023 Meeting Minutes




7:30 P.M.


Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  Daria Venezia, Lauren Miceli, Linda Massa, Beatrice Moskowitz, Elsie Foster, Amy Papi, Erin Hines, Linda Rothenberg, Barbara Sottilaro, Lizbeth DeJesus, Elaine Flynn, Erin Zirpolo.


I.                    Welcome – Pledge of Allegiance.


II.                 Invitation to 2023 Middlesex County Women Candidates.  Mayor Elsie Foster and Council woman Lizbeth DeJesus addressed the meeting and reported on their campaigns.


III.              Approval of the Minutes of the August 28, 2023 Meeting. Upon motion duly made by L. Miceli, seconded by L. Massa and unanimously approved by the members present, the minutes of the meeting of August 28, 2023 were approved.


IV.              Treasurer’s Report – E. Zirpolo. There remain some checks outstanding from Swing. The current bank balance is $10,127 but should be $8,127.00 after the outstanding checks have cleared.  Contributions to the campaigns remain outstanding. A few candidates have thanked the Federation for the contribution, but the difference is the outstanding candidate contribution checks.


V.                Old Business – Swing 2023 Wrap Up. Thank you to all the attendees and the participants. Most importantly thank you to the sponsors. The support of the attendees and sponsors enabled the MCFDW to make contributions to the women candidates in the County.


VI.              Nominating Committee Report – B. Moskowitz reported that she has received applications for positions, and she has yet to speak to the other committee members. Rupa Siegel and Suzette Dato are the other members of the committee. The committee will meet and discuss and report back soon.  The By-Laws require a preliminary report in October and a final report at the December holiday party.


VII.           Calendar/Upcoming Events.

On Saturday, October 28th the NJFDW Peg Roberts Awards Luncheon will be held at The Pines in Edison.  The MCFDW nominated Sheriff Mildred Scott and the nomination was accepted for Sheriff Scott to receive the Central Jersey Award.  All members are invited to attend and celebrate Sheriff Scott and the other awardees.

The MCDFW Holiday Party will be held at Ristorante Venezia in Woodbridge.  The tentative date is Wednesday, December 13.


VIII.        Open Floor/ Comments.


B. Moskowitz reports there is a rally occurring this coming week for  Middlesex County, the get out the vote rally. The rally will be on Sunday November 5th at the South Brunswick Senior Center – 540 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction starting around 2pm.  There will be a marching band. The Governor and Senator Booker will be in attendance. 


IX.              Next Meeting – Monday, November 20, 2023 – This date may be subject to change. The next meeting will be sometime in November and is expected to be in person.  The MCFDW is looking for a venue to host the meeting.


X.                Adjournment.

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