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August 2023 Meeting Minutes




7:30 P.M.

Meeting Minutes

Participants: L. Miceli, D. Venezia, L. Massa, B. Lowry, Q. Collins, E. Zirpolo, J. Leal, B. Schwartz, B. Moskowitz

I.                    Pledge of Allegiance.


II.                 Approval of the Minutes of the June 13, 2023 Meeting., L. Massa moved to approve, and Z. Dato seconded the motion. L. Miceli abstained from the vote. Motion passed.


III.              Treasurer’s Report – E. Zirpolo. E. Zirpolo advised that she deposited money today from sponsorships and ticket purchases. Approximately $11,000 from the Swing by event so far.


IV.              Calendar/Upcoming Events.


Swing By….The Brown Stone, Tuesday, September 19th. From D. Venezia, food response for sponsors, hopeful to support the 22 women candidates in the county to the same extent as in past years to do so. $5-$6,000 in sponsors so far. L. Massa – our pricing has not increased for the total cost of the event. Would like to see some more people pay in advance but most likely won’t happen, will likely be close to 100 people for the event. The menu is the same as last year, still including drink, and tickets will be distributed as they arrive – allowing us to keep track of participants in the event. There are local and state level council, commissioner, assembly, senator, and mayors running. Please send things to D. Venezia’s office if the Post office box is not working. Change the flyer to go to D. Venezia’s office.


NJFDW Peg Roberts Award Luncheon – October 28, 2023- Pines Manor

Sheriff Mildred Scott to receive the Elected Official Central Region Award. All are encouraged to purchase tickets to attend. Please spread the word to attend. Asked to create a social media page. Suggestion to send an invitation to the state for Swing.


V.                Social Media  – Like and Share!


VI.              Comments/ New Business.

Open Floor for Comments/ Thoughts

Thoughts for the next years events – one of the sponsors are having a member attend who is a higher-ranking woman within the company. 

Discussion to utilize QRCode for future events.

VII.           Next Meeting – Monday, October 23, 2023, since we will have the September event with Swing.


VIII.        Adjournment of the meeting. Zusette made a motion to adjourn, and Erin seconded.


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