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February 26, 2024 Meeting Minutes




7:00 P.M.

Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Roslyn Brodsky, Ellen Cleary, Councilwoman Miriam Cohen, Quinnie Collins, Zusette Dato, Doris Elliott, Eleanor Koll, Ashley Kaplan, Phyllis Kristjanson, Barbara Lowry, Beverly Lyons, Linda Massa, Assemblywoman Tenille McCoy, County Clerk Nancy Pinkin, Councilwoman Rupa Siegel, Ellen Stein, Monica Tarantino, Daria Venezia, Erin Jo Zirpolo


I.                    Welcome.  President D. Venezia welcomed the attendees, thanked Councilwoman Cohen and introduced Councilwoman Rupa Siegel.


II.                 Presentation.  Councilwoman Rupa Siegel spoke about her work on the Monroe Township Council.  Councilwoman Miriam Cohen also spoke about her work on the Monroe Township Council and her work in the community.  She highlighted various programs in the community.


Assemblywoman Tenille McCoy addressed the meeting offering assistance to the members in learning about the programs available to the residents of the State.  She stressed the importance of providing information.  Assemblywoman McCoy encouraged everyone to reach out to her staff if there were any questions.  Assemblywoman McCoy was asked about how she first became involved in public service, and she provided her background.  She encouraged all to become involved.


III.              Approval of the Minutes of the January 29, 2024 Meeting.  B. Lowry moved approval of the minutes of the January 29, 2024 meeting.  The motion was seconded by R. Brodsky and unanimously approved.


IV.              E. Zirpolo provided a brief update for the Treasurer’s Report.


V.                The upcoming events on the calendar include the March meeting to be held on Monday, March 18th at the Adams Athletic and Social Club on Cozzens Lane in North Brunswick.  North Brunswick Police Officer Sean McCrory will make a presentation on cyber security.


Hats On is scheduled for Sunday, April 21st at The Pines Manor in Edison from noon to 4:00 pm.  The flyers are available.  Payment can be made by check or on Act Blue.  Nominations for the Blanquita B. Valenti award are being accepted.  Please submit by March 8th. 


VI.              The floor was opened for comments and many of those in attendance commented on the meeting.  Councilwoman Miriam Cohen was thanked for her hospitality.



VII.           Adjournment.  L. Massa moved to adjourn the meeting and Z. Dato seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.


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