Meeting Minutes - 9/25/19

I. President’s Greeting

  • Pledge of Allegiance

II. MCDO Info:

  • MCDO looking for politically active people to help GOTV “Family and Friends Program”

  • Focusing on Sayerville and Monroe

  • Volunteers mark who they know to help MCDO target voters with phone calls and door knocking.

  • Purpose: People more likely to respond to people they know when receiving a call or knock.

  • Looking for volunteers in general to help with phone-banking and door knocking

III. Executive Team

  • Treasurer's Report - Current Funds

  1. Current Balance: $3091.81

  2. We are accepting dues for 2020!

  3. $600 worth of tickets waiting to be deposited

  • Communication Chair - Update

  1. Will fix broken link on website

  2. Send events or volunteer opportunites to info@mcfdw.org

  3. News Flash has been reformatted to put MCFDW events at the top


  • Volunteers needed to help set up and help clean up the event

  • Sign in to donate supplies needed for the event


  • Be a part of the committee to review and determine who is on our executive board come January. Sign up today

  • Resumes need to be sent to the nominating committee by noon on October 15.