Meeting Minutes - 8/28/19

I. President’s Greeting

  • Pledge of Allegiance

II. Appointment of the New Executive Board & Executive Team Reports

  • Vice President: Jenny Ludas

  • Recording Secretary: Daria Ludas

  • Treasurer's Report

  • Communication Chair - Update


  • Volunteers needed to help set up and help clean up the event Set up is 10/9 4:30-5:30

  • Sign in to donate supplies needed for the event

  1. Volunteer sheet passed around

  2. Need volunteers for set up the night before (starting ~4:30p), day of, and clean up

  3. Need candidate signs and literature

  4. Baked goods, paper towels, trash bags, chips, water, toilet tissue, snack foods needed

  5. Secured menu of entrees is secured from the Colonial Diner with a server

  6. Live music will be provided by Jake & Dan -guitarist

  7. Parking - Jenna’s brother will assist in parking cars

  8. Candidate signs are needed to line the driveway


  • Be a part of the committee to review and determine who is on our executive board come January. Sign up today

  1. Volunteer sheet passed around

  2. Resumes need to be sent to the nominating committee