Meeting Minutes - 6/26/19

I. President’s Greeting

  • Pledge of Allegiance

II. Business

  • The calendar on our website has been updated with 2019 meeting dates. Future meetings will generally be held on the 4th Wednesday of the month (Next meeting: August 28th).

  • Volunteers needed for the MCFDW Nominations/ selections committee. Please apply or reach out if interested. Click HERE to sign up online:

  • 21 women running for office!!! Whoo whooo!!!

III. Treasurer update:

  • Account balance, Fundraising ideas, DUES DUE! $25

IV. Communications update

  • Newsflash input, Website details, Social media push

  • Our website has a new “Elections” tab in our News & Notes section and a new Photo Gallery section.

  • Please send us Campaign Volunteer requests and events. They will be included in out newsflash and posted to our website and social media.

  • Please send us local events you want to promote (can be non-political), campaign events, requests for campaign volunteers and canvassers, etc. for the newsflash. Submit them to info@mcfdw.org by 7:30PM on Thursday if you would like to be included in the next newsflash


  • Mayor Lowanda- Jamesburg

  • Councilwoman elect Joyce Ship-Freeman of Edison

  • Speakers


VI. Upcoming Meetings/Events - 4th Wednesday of each month