• Rebecca H

Meeting Minutes - 11/12/19

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

I. President’s Greeting

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Around the room Introductions

  • Favorite Thanksgiving food ( ice breaker)

II. Executive Team

  • Vice presidents report

  • Treasurer's Report

  1. Current Funds

  2. We are accepting dues for 2020!

  • Corresponding secretary/ social media guru report

  1. Jenny will need to cancel ConstantContact account as it is in her name.

  2. Now using Mail Chimp because it’s free and the contact information of people who message us via the website is automatically added.

  3. New board will need to Get a PO Box for Facebook Advertising

  • Recording Secretary report

  1. What did everyone like about the bus tour/ pep rally?

  2. What could be better for next year?

  3. Everyone's feeling on the election? HOW CAN THE FEDERATION DO BETTER NEXT YEAR.

  • Requests for accurate address

  • Issues mailing dues

  • Requests for membership list and contact info of members (Corresponding Secretary Note: List available for executive board and committees as needed to respect the privacy of members. List will not be provided to the general membership as privacy concerns have been raised by members with sensitive jobs in the past.)

  • People like the NewsFlash


  • Thank You to all who helped make it possible.

  • What did everyone like about the event?

  • What could we do better for next year?