Meeting Minutes - 1/23/19

I. President’s Greeting

Pledge of Allegiance

II. Business

  • Thank you to those who donated and attended our Holiday Party!

  • Sending love to Vice Chair Beatrice Moskowitz! The MCFDW will be sending food from Colonial Diner to Beatrice next week - she is out of rehab and doing great!

III. VP Update:

  • Next Civics Corner: February Black History Month Panel Suggestions

  • Contact Jenna Trent if you have a recommendation or would like to volunteer

IV. Treasurer update:

  • Account balance - $3022.53

  • Fundraising ideas:

Selling merch, (mugs, pens, teespring?)

Sponsorships for Hats

  • DUES DUE! $25 - Checks should be made out to MCFDW and can be mailed to PO Box 481, Metuchen, NJ 08840

V. Communications update

  • Newsflash input - Send events to info@mcfdw.org by 7P Thursday for that week's newsflash

  • Website details - Minor redesign coming soon!

  • Social media push

  • Want swag? Pins for sale!

VI. Councilwoman: How to run, what it takes, and the importance of women in power!

  • Edina Brown, Councilwoman, Old Bridge

  • Stephany Kim-Chohan, Councilwoman, Highland Park

  • What can the MCFDW do to help in addition to campaign donations

Childcare resources