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Current offices up for reelection in 2018

  • Congress

  • U. S. Senate

  • County freeholder (Middlesex County)

  • School board

  • Council seat ( i.e, Metchen and Highland Park, Piscataway, South River)

  • Mayoral seats (i.e., New Brunswick)

Congress: is the legislative or lawmaking branch of our shares power with the President and the Supreme Court.

U.S. Senate: shares responsibility for all law making within the United States. Also, acts as a check for the House of Representatives.

Both are our representatives in Washington.

County Freeholder: A part time legislator at the county level (i.e, county budgets, county parks, jails and roads)

School Board: represent the community’s beliefs and values for preparing children’s education to suit their needs.

Mayor: elected head of the city or town or municipality.

Council: a group of people elected or appointed to consult, advise or partake in decision making pertaining to local government, local legislature.

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