Statement from MCFDW President, Daria Venezia, on the Passing of Justict Ruth Bader Ginsberg

With great sadness we learned Friday of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Justice Ginsberg was a pioneer for women’s rights and changed the path for women.  We can all thank her for many of the equal rights we enjoy.  She was a trailblazer in the fight for women’s equality and a tireless and absolute champion of justice.  “Equality for all under the law.”  

Justice Ginsberg’s passing reminds us MCDFW works to inform, educate and bring Democratic women together to ensure their participation and election in all levels of government and leadership roles.  If you are not a member of the MCDFW, now is the perfect time to join.  If you are a member, please spread the word and encourage your friends to join. Visit the website www.mcfdw.org.

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